Green Garlic Toasted

Green Garlic Toasted
Green Garlic Toasted
Green Garlic Toasted

Medical Cannabis

Green Garlic Toasted

This simple garlic toast recipe was invented rather spontaneously in the middle of a famous Canny Bus excursion.

Suffice to say, that the Canny Bus was parked in the Sierra foothills with a crowd of hungry guests from neighboring forest counties. A barbecued tri-tip and Cajun potato salad had been secured courtesy of a nearby Raley's. Somehow though, the celebratory snack was incomplete. Fortunately, a large round of fresh sourdough was located.

This simple toast made quickly and with few ingredients goes well with just about anything from escargot to spaghetti.


Fresh Sourdough bread cut in toast sized slices
1\3 to 1\2 cup of bud butter
Fresh crushed garlic or garlic powder if you're lazy
Grated Pecorinno Romano cheese (much better than regular Romano)


Spread bread slices with liberal (or Libertarian) amounts of soft bud butter
Spread mashed garlic over slices or sprinkle with garlic powder
Sprinkle cheese over slices to taste (I like a lot)
Place under the broiler until cheese is melted and slightly brown

Care should be taken to not consume more than two pieces of toast. Based on our excursion experience folks who ate more tended to cheat at cards.

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