Vol. 8, Number 5
May 2016
cheryl riley, James Freire,
Dr. David Bearman,
Gradi Jordan, Ed Glick,
Paul Armentano, Keith Stroup
Sunil Aggarwal, Julie Godard
Al Byrne, Amanda Reiman,
Jim Greig, Chip Whitley,
Sandee Burbank, Joan Bello
Dr. Ethan Russo, Bryan Krumm
Richard Miller, Arthur Livermore
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AAMC Celebrates Our 15th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating 15 years since the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis was founded. Dr. Jay Cavanaugh created AAMC to help patients and to educate health professionals, lawmakers and the general public about the therapeutic uses of Cannabis. We have come a long way since 2001. We now have AAMC Directors in 21 States, and 24 States plus the District of Columbia have legal medical marijuana.

The most common question patients ask is “Where can I find a doctor who can help me?” Most doctors have not had a chance to learn about medical cannabis. They didn’t learn about the endocannabinoid system in medical school and they are reluctant to talk about it.

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis is dedicated to helping patients. We need your support to increase our staff so that we can identify qualified health professionals and provide patients with quality medical care.

By becoming AAMC certified clinics, health professionals will demonstrate that they are informed about the therapeutic use of Cannabis.

AAMC is trusted by patients. We understand the needs of patients. Patients will know that they are being cared for by competent doctors. Patients have the right to talk about their use of Cannabis with people who know that it’s not just for fun.

Our goal is to develop clinics where patients can get complete medical care from doctors who know how Cannabis helps. If you would like to help, please give AAMC a generous donation today.

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Richard Miller becomes the AAMC California Director

Richard G Miller, a native Californian, was born in San Francisco in 1962 during a time when Cannabis use was a common thing to see. From a young age his community and family offered a unique perspective and education that has developed into a multi-layered expertise in the field of medical Cannabis. This sparked an early passion and relationship with cannabis that developed into Richard being a diligent proponent for patient support and advocacy since 1991. When not advocating at the Capitol with legislators, City Hall, the County Board of Supervisors, or with local law enforcement, he is teaching health, education and patients’ legal rights to anyone that will listen. In recent years, to promote the use of Medical Cannabis, Richard has been on the board of the Sacramento Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Patient Advocacy Director - Crusaders for Patients’ Rights (CPR), Legislative Liaison Director - El Dorado County American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), Director - Sacramento NORML, founding Director for Health Education and Legal Patient’s Rights (HELPR) and Director - California Growers Association. Richard is also a member of The Human Solution and a past member of Sac Patients.

Richard’s fundamental belief and commitment to service reflects his belief that: “Together We Can Make the Difference!”

Richard is a third-generation Cannabis farmer passed down from Uncle to Nephew that goes back prior to 1940 when his family grew Hemp in Kansas and Missouri for medicinal uses. Many of the recipes continue to be used to this day! Richard has been involved with forestry, agriculture, and Future Farmers of America from the early age of 15. At 16, Richard was hired by Creswell High School District (Creswell, Oregon) to run and operate the FFA and Horticulture Greenhouse. This was the first time a student body member had been hired by that school district. It was at this time that he became more aware of the environment and understanding the importance of sustainable, sensible farming and forestry procedures. He helped protect our environment for future generations by addressing the Oregon legislators on land reforestation and stopping clear cutting in our national forest. That was also the year Richard took on and started assisting his first patient who was an amputee after a motor cycle accident. At 18, Richard was caring for his second patient who had Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus all during a time when he was transitioning out from the foster care system. By 19 he received an opportunity through a CETA grant to work at the University of Oregon in the horticulture department on a research project on aquaponics, tomatoes and cross pollination. This was when he realized that horticulture, Cannabis and patients would play an important role in his life and has continued his quest ever since.

Richard has long recognized the therapeutic use and value of medical Cannabis. He was involved, in the early 90’s, with the medical Cannabis scene in San Francisco during the run up to the passing of Prop 215 (The Compassionate Use Act).. At that time, Richard devoted his spare time to San Francisco’s HIV and AIDS community helping those patients that could not help themselves. He realized that their voices needed to be heard. Richard’s outreach included such groups as the San Francisco Buyer Club, protesting and donating paper and printed materials during marches, the Aids project, Aids Walks, Act Up, Meals on Wheels, Patients from Shanti Project, the Bartlett house and Gold Gate charity, helping patients transitioning through end of life stages.

Richard's beliefs also include the use of Medical Cannabis for large animals. "Equine" and our very little furry friends "Dogs and Cats" are part of his farm’s daily husbandry duties. It has shown remarkable results over the 12 years while running Haven For Horses, Inc. a nonprofit sanctuary for large and small animals. The farm cultivation project had such an impact and consistent growth that Richard opened his doors to public outside his home and opened a dispensary in 2012. As many know, this year was a difficult year for the cannabis industry to operate without federal interference. The dispensary’s doors were not able to be open long before the City of Auburn courts would shut it down. With an extensive 2 year legal battle that flooded into his personal life, it would ultimately force the closure of his non-profit as well as costing him his home and farm. While the impact did come at a great cost, he has never wavered in his passion or beliefs and continues to speak out on the benefits of medical cannabis for patients, animals and cultivators, alike.

Richard feels, along with a majority of the population, that the use of medical Cannabis for therapeutic purposes deserves far greater support than it currently has in local communities, states, and at the national level. He also believes that the need for research is very necessary and is long overdue at the state, federal and international level.

Richard continues to show up in the community at events protecting civil rights, patients’ rights, monitoring and supporting good legislation, and educating medical Cannabis patients on safe and responsible cultivation and medicating practices.

It is with great honor and respect that Richard accepts the position of California State Director for the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis and continues to fight as he has done for more than 24 years for a successful outcome on continued legislation at the State and Federal level.

Having spent many years working alongside former State Director Ryan Landers, Richard plans to continue with Ryan’s mission and vision, always putting Patients’ Rights first!

“If we could see the miracle of a single Flower clearly, our whole life would change” -Buddha

Richard Miller
Richard Miller

Medical Cannabis
Educational Video Project

We are starting a campaign to support the Medical Cannabis educational video project. Please go to our donation page to support this campaign.

What's New

Alabama: Considering a medical marijuana law.
   HB642 - The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act of Alabama

Arkansas: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Florida: Medical marijuana did not pass with 58% support

Georgia: Medical marijuana is now partly legal in Georgia

Idaho: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Indiana: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Iowa: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Kansas: Medical marijuana petition drive underway.
   Marijuana Bill Reaches House
   Cannabis Compassion and Care Act

Missouri: Considering a medical marijuana law.
   HOUSE BILL NO. 1670 - An Act relating to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes
   Cottleville Mayor Don Yarber hopes Missouri legislature passes medical marijuana law

North Carolina: Considering a medical marijuana law.
   North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act

Ohio: Medical marijuana law on November ballot.
   Ohio to vote on pot this year

South Carolina: Considering a medical marijuana law.

South Dakota: Medical marijuana petition drive underway.

Tennessee: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Texas: Considering a medical marijuana law.

Wisconsin: Considering a medical marijuana law.
   The Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act

Featured Recipe - Chuey’s Chewy Oatmeal/Raisin Delight

OK, so who is Chuey? Soy el doctor Chuey (Jessie). Jessie is the closest thing you get to Jay down where I live. Nurse Nancy Wife and I made these oatmeal raisin cookies to help our Canny Bus Trip Kit driver recover from a recent illness. Cannabis cookies are great when you are laid up. They stimulate appetite, fight the nausea of chemotherapy or narcotics, reduce pain, and are very nutritious.

We made these cookies strong. They’d be chewier if we used dairy butter in the mix but we went with potency as these cookies are truly medical. Nancy and I also looked for the most organic ingredients possible as these treats were for a sick friend and she doesn’t need any preservatives.


¾ cup (12 tablespoons) Better Bud Butter (room temperature)
¼ cup (4 tablespoons) Unsalted dairy butter
1 cup white sugar (granulated)- Turbinado better says Chuey’s Ms. Tamale
1 cup brown sugar (firmly packed-light or dark)
2 eggs
2 -3cups unbleached white flour (sifted)
2- 2 ½ cups steel cut oats
1 cup organic sun dried raisins (even a bit more is better)
1 cup organic currants
1 cup chopped pecans
3 tsp vanilla extract (Ms. Tamale says the best vanilla is Spice Islands pure 100% Bourbon vanilla extract 70 proof)
1 tsp kosher salt
1 ½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Coat a baking pan with butter or canola oil. Combine the dry ingredients (flour, salt, cinnamon, baking soda). Cream together the softened bud butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Fold the mixed dried ingredients into the creamed mixture. Stir in the oats, raisins, currants, and pecans. Chill the dough in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Chuey likes to take golf ball size (well to tell the truth baseball size) chunks of dough, roll them into a ball and slightly flatten them in the palm of your hand, place on baking pan and squish down just a bit more. Don’t crowd the cookies.

Baking time at 300 degrees: Bake approximately 18 minutes depending upon the size of the cookies. Be careful not to overcook as these treats will dry up a bit as they cool. Cool the cookies on a rack and keep them in an airtight container for storage.

Yield: How many cookies you get depends upon what size you make them. Smaller cookies (three to five dozen) will cook much faster than large cookies (two to three dozen). One large cookie produced day long relaxation and pain relief for one medical patient with chronic muscle spasm.

Note to diabetics: You can substitute most of the sugar with a combination of fructose and other sweeteners. Portion control of the normal recipe will insure no nasty blood sugar peaks.

Recommended Beverage: Summer- home made lemonade, Winter- Double lattes

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