Arthur Livermore

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Born in New York City, New York. Raised in Portland, Oregon; Bottisham, United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.

Undergraduate - Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio 1965-66
Reed College, Portland, OR 1966-69 B.A. Biology.
Graduate - University of Oregon Medical School, Portland, OR 1969-73

Falcon Cove Enterprises, LLC - CIO (2011-present)
ExploraStore, LLC - Systems Analyst / Programmer (2006-2011)
Internet Television Corporation - Vice-President (2005-2006)
Falcon Cove Biology Laboratory - cannabis research (1999-present)
Livermore Consultants - computer programming (1980-2006)
Falcon Heights Music - ASCAP publisher (1982-present)
Pope & Talbot, Inc. - Senior Operations Research Analyst (1980-81)
Oregon Health Sciences University - Senior Research Associate (1974-80)

AAMC background:
Became AAMC National Director in January, 2007.
Became AAMC Oregon State Director in August, 2001.
At Portland Cannabis Therapeutics Conference (May 2002)

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Effects of deafening and blindfolding on amphetamine induced stereotypy in the cat.
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8) Stevens JR, Livermore A Jr.
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Married (Gina) with two married step children (Sharlene and Ami) and eight grandchildren.
Hobbies include singing, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, reading, sailing, acting. Major parts in school plays. Member of National Thespian Society and National Honor Society. Traveled throughout Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe as lead singer of a popular Latvian music group (Dzintars). Sound engineering. Photography. Actor in Cannon Beach Coaster Theater and Kay Lee Sunset Theater productions. Falcon Cove Water District budget committee.

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