Scott Anthony Collin

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Born January 8th 1963 in Livermore California

I suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy in both feet, Gout, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I also have chronic Migraine headaches or Cluster headaches as some doctors have called them.

I am a Retired Tattooist Carpenter Fisherman Hunting guide and Jack of Many other trades.

Tattooing was my main trade until I got sick. The other stuff was just to keep me healthy in the warm months and get me off the chair and in the Air.

I have been addicted to painkillers and mistreated by so called Physicians to the point of loosing myself in an Oxycontin and Vicoden fog for several years.

The only medicines that have ever worked for me have been natural plant based medicines. Maybe it's my Aboriginal North American Ancestry but modern medicines just make me feel worse.

I have fought many Battles in my life but the fight to free access to natural Medicines is one that is dear to my heart. My ancestors have used them for thousands of years and they did just fine. As a Sovereign Aboriginal who owes no allegiance to any conquering Puppet government I have the right to use what I see fit. It is also my Duty to my people to join the fight against any Governing body that see's fit to make moral choices for an oppressed people who do not even see they are oppressed.

I was forced to stay away for three years from the AAMC and other groups seeking to free the Plant we love and need so much. But now I am back and even though I am in worse shape now I still believe in the fight and will do all I can to help get the laws changed so people who are sick can use whatever works for them.

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