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Not One Tear Forgotten

A Living Memorial
To the Victims of the War on Medical Cannabis
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
October 2002

You are about to read a very long list of names. Each of these individuals is or was engaged in the front lines in the battle for the right of the sick, disabled, and dying to use medical cannabis. Some of these people are in exile. Others are in prison or otherwise part of the criminal injustice system. Some have died. All will be remembered. Not one tear will be forgotten. Not one cry of protest will be unheard. Not one life or sacrifice will be ignored. Readers are encouraged to submit new names by writing info@letfreedomgrow.com. Those on this list who wish to be removed may do so by writing the same address. Corrections are welcome.

Each of these individuals has family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Each experienced suffering. Like so many of us, we wonder if our anguish has any redeeming qualities. The truth is that the courage of those on this list and many, who read it, speaks quietly but the stillness shows strength and is an example to the nation.

Our thanks go to Michelle Aldrich for helping compile the initial list. Tragically, many more names are likely to be added before compassion and reason finally triumph over ignorance and prejudice.

  Name Criminal Injustice Exiled Death
  Jim A.     X
  Ed Aldana X    
  Keith Alden X    
  Harold Allen     X
  Robert Ames   X  
  David Arnett X    
  Steven Babich X    
  Brian Bader X    
  Mike Baldwin X    
  Georgia Baldwin X    
  Steph Banister, MD X    
  Eddie Banks     X
  Kenneth Beams X    
  Peter Biaz X    
  Ed Bierling X    
  Larry Blomhoff     X
  Renee Boje   X  
  Ryan Bonelli X    
  Betty Breadth     X
  Daniel Brisco X    
  Genie Brittingham
  James Browning X    
  Laura J. Carden     X
  Joyce Carter X    
  John D. Cassatt X    
  Roger Chambers X    
  Marvin Chavez X    
  David Clancy X    
  Tracy Coggins X    
  Susan Conroy     X
  Lori Converse X    
  Mike Corral X    
  Valerie Corral X    
  Bruce Cowden     X
  Candice Crumpler     X
  Susan Cutter     X
  Charles Dali X    
  Jo Daly     X
  Robert deArkland X    
  Tony Degnan     X
  Don Denham X    
  Jay DeSalvo     X
  Syd DeSoto     X
  William Eidelman, MD X    
  Donnis Elmore     X
  Bryan Epis X    
  Randy Faria X    
  Michael Joseph Farrell X    
  David Fawcett, Sr. X    
  Joseph Feely     X
  Robyn Few X    
  Mark Fisher     X
  Steven Fisher X    
  Michael Foley X    
  Mollie Fry, MD X    
  Kevin Gage X    
  Robert Galambos X    
  Rick Garner X    
  Sue Garner X    
  Chris Giauque X    
  Elizabeth Gips     X
  Sam Gonzalez     X
  Nina Graboi     X
  Jeff Green     X
  James Greenbaum     X
  James Hall X    
  Lydia Hall X    
  James Halloran X    
  William Harrison X    
  Joe Hart     X
  Ken Hayes   X  
  Douglas Hernandez     X
  Dave Herrick X    
  Carol Hoffman     X
  Ilia Hoyt     X
  Scott Imler X    
  Steven Johnson     X
  Gary Johnson     X
  Jeff Jones X    
  Brother Jude     X
  Sister Somayah Kambui X    
  Margo Karow     X
  Virginia Kennedy     X
  David Kephart X    
  Joe Kidwell X    
  Thomas Kikuchi X    
  Stephen King X    
  Gary Kosek     X
  Steve Kubby   X  
  Michele Kubby   X  
  Stephanie Landa X    
  Ryan Landers X    
  Robert Larson     X
  Will Larson X    
  Edward Lawrence     X
  Ed Learn X    
  Kay Lee X    
  Marvin Lehrman X    
  Millie Lehrman X    
  Eddie Lepp X    
  Mario E. Leveroni     X
  Rick Levin X    
  Sue Levin X    
  Buzzy Linhart X    
  Arthur Livermore X    
  Gina Livermore X    
  Vincent Loffredo     X
  Paddy Long     X
  Patricia Lyman     X
  Alan MacFarlane X    
  Matt Macosko X    
  Nancy Maffai X    
  Paul Maggi X    
  Herchel Major     X
  William Malphrus X    
  Theresa Mangold     X
  Robin Margulies     X
  Alan Martinez     X
  Reynolds (Ray) Martinez     X
  Don McCabe     X
  William McConnell X    
  Todd McCormick X    
  Clarence McKee X    
  Penny McKee X    
  Nancy McLin     X
  Gary McMillin X    
  Peter McWilliams     X
  Bonnie Metcalf X    
  Keni Meyer X    
  Tod Mikuriya, MD X    
  Diane Monson X    
  Miguel Montano     X
  John Moore X    
  Beth Moore     X
  Miles Morgan     X
  Rosalind Morgan     X
  Eugene Moriss     X
  Myron Mower X    
  Joseph Mularky     X
  Daniel Nelson X    
  Greg Nicholson X    
  David Nixon     X
  William Oliver X    
  Bill Olson X    
  Brian O’Neil     X
  Andy Oryall     X
  Judy Osburn X    
  Lynn Osburn X    
  Conrad Parades     X
  Dennis Peron X    
  Suzanne Pfeil X    
  D’on Phillips     X
  John Prichett     X
  Marlene Rasnick     X
  Mary Rathbun (Brownie Mary)     X
  Michael Reitmeir X    
  Donna Renolds     X
  Bill Riddick X    
  Peggy Riddick X    
  Betty Ann Rideout     X
  Sue Rodger X    
  Hazel Rogers     X
  Mike Rogers X    
  Ed Rosenthal X    
  Marie Rutledge X    
  Thomas Samuels X    
  Sandy Sanborn X    
  Dale Schafer X    
  Denise Schilling     X
  Dennis Schilling     X
  Robert G. Schmidt X    
  Patrick Schnoor     X
  Lisa Schwarz X    
  Cheryl Sequira   X  
  Lonnie Sexton X    
  Jack Shachter     X
  Bill Shanteua     X
  Lynnette Shaw X    
  Fredrick Sinatra     X
  Jacob Sink X    
  Bob Slayton X    
  B.E. Smith X    
  Eddie Smith     X
  Trudy Smith X    
  Glenda Spengler X    
  Robert D. Stewart     X
  Ralph Stuart     X
  Barbara Sweeny X    
  Michael Teague X    
  Richard Thiessen X    
  Connie Thiessen X    
  Geannie Thomas     X
  Scott Thorpe X    
  Joni Trembley     X
  Steve Tuck   X  
  David J. Upton X    
  John Urbanik     X
  Michael Urziceanu X    
  Barbara Varley X    
  David Vaughn X    
  Greg Wall X    
  Michael Walsh     X
  Rick Watts X    
  Jason Wells     X
  Jonathan West     X
  Mark Wheeler     X
  Dave Whitaker     X
  Lisa Whitaker X    
  Robert Whiteaker X    
  Shawna Whiteaker X    
  Mark Whitney X    
  Jess G. Williams
(AKA "Fat Freddy")
  Marston Williams     X
  Peter Williams     X
  David Alan Willson X    
  Paul Wilson     X
  Daniel Wolfe     X
  Michael Woods     X


We at the American Alliance ask that you keep these brave souls in your minds and hearts. Think of them during your prayers or meditations. We ask only what we can do to help heal those harmed and keep this list from getting longer.


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