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Welcome. This website is intended to become a network for Kansas patients, caregivers, healthcare workers, attorneys---anyone seeking medical cannabis information or resources.

We will endeavor to provide up-to-date medical cannabis news, study results, and related material for everyone struggling with current inhumane federal, state, and local marijuana laws.

We will provide links to newspaper editors across the state as well as sample letters for legislators and others which can be sent "as is" or quickly edited to convey a more personal message.

Only by developing one voice and unifying our efforts do ill Kansans, their loved ones and caregivers, healthcare workers and all other supporters have realistic hope for a medical marijuana program. It is particularly important that we let Kansas lawmakers know--often--that there is widespread support.

The more they hear from us, the better they will understand how serious the stakes are for ill people and their caregivers--who also suffer wretchedly, standing by helplessly as loved ones endure unrelenting agony because the one medicine that might give them blessed relief is forbidden to them.

Links to editors and legislators will make it extremely simple to send your message out. We also hope to establish a blog or two, once we learn how, and we have been advised to create a presence on the social networking sites, something with which we are also temporarily unfamiliar.

At the present time, this effort consists of one staff member--who obviously needs help--and a budget of $0. I will do what I can with what I have, and I do not intend to ask for money, but if you have skills you would like to volunteer to this effort I would be overwhelmed with gratitude for offers of help. I have been totally dedicated to this cause for a long, long time and I realize that I will need equally dedicated help to make this network come to life.

I particularly need assistance with research, establishing a blog or two, developing a presence on social networking sites, and letter writing. As mentioned above, all of these are volunteer positions, but If you have time and/or talent to donate please contact me if you would like to help.

Thank you,

cheryl riley
Kansas Director
American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

For Patients and Caregivers

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