California Fires: How Will It Affect American Weed Prices

Ashley Oldham was sleeping deeply that fateful night a few weeks ago when she was awaken by the sounds of heavy knocking on her door. It was her neighbor, who had driven through fire and smoke, asking her to leave her weed farm in Northern California’s Mendocino County, as the great fire had consumed most of the land and is eating its way towards her.

Another farm owner rose from her bed and grabbed her kids as well as a few belongings as she escapes the fiery inferno blazing on the horizon. In only a few short minutes since her and her family’s escape, the fires start engulfing her house and her farm, igniting anything that burns, as if feeding to increase its power.

They are just a few of the victims of the Santa Rosa fire that engulfed most of Northern California since October 9, 2017. The fire defaced the landscaped, scorched whole neighborhoods, and left with 200,000 acres of smoldering embers. As of the moment, the fire had also claimed at least 40 people.

The Santa Rosa Fire and California’s Marijuana Farms

Northern California’s Emerald Triangle was slowly gaining fame as California’s weed basket, with its indoor and open air marijuana farms and production offices. The Emerald Triangle produces up to 60% of the nation’s marijuana, and all of these have been reduced into smoldering ruins.

The loss of the Emerald Triangle is a debilitating blow to the U.S. Marijuana Industry. The fire occurred during the end of the region’s grow cycles, and the now ash and cinder farms would have supplied the California Medical Marijuana until 2018. The cindered plants are expected to have negative repercussions to both legal marijuana and and its black market counterpart. This will ultimately affect not just recreational herb users but medical users as well.

The incineration of the said farms as well as the stored reserves that is believed to have not survived the fires, Tamar Maritz, regional director for California ab BDS Analytics foresees a jump of at least 10% to as much as 20% towards weed prices all over the country, albeit increasing herb production in the Colorado Region.

Prices for CBD Oil, Herb, Hemp

The economic law of supply and demand will be at play in the increase of weed prices all throughout the country. The impact of the california fires may increase the price of marijuana per gram to as much as 10- 12 USD. The least affected, according to Maritz, will be states that are considered major herb producers as well, such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon, which he expects to return to normal prices within one to three months after the said fires.

California, on the other hand, will feel the effects of the destabilizing event. Considering the amount of time it takes to rebuild the farms as well as for the plants to mature, local weed prices may remain persistently high for some time. Adding the effects of the fires in changing soil composition, particularly in decreasing nutrient content and negatively impacting nitrogen levels that are important to farming will negatively affect the quality of cbd, herb, and weed produced in the affected farms. This will also disseminate to the prices of strong cbd as their concentrations are much higher per dose.

The greatest effect on californian herb prices the fire will exhibit is the sheer inability of farms to quickly rebuild due to non-insured farms and inability to claim federal fund. This situation is caused by the supply of marijuana, be it recreational or medical, is still considered illegal by Federal Standards, and as such caused banks to be aversive to insuring herb farms as well as making them ineligible to receive federal aid.

Written by Joseph Rollin

Joseph Rollin has particular interest in the advancement of CBD studies and vaporization for its health benefits. Joseph is the founder of Pure Green Living, a leading CBD/420 related content magazine based in California. His ambition is to see the 420 trends become widely legalized into the mainstream.

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